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Welcome to I Love Indie Internet Radio’s help site.  We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions and organized it into the following categories:

General FAQ

Musician’s FAQ

If neither of these FAQs answers your question, feel free to write us.  Feedback is appreciated – we love comments about the I Love Indie service whether they’re positive or negative!


  1. Not sure if I’m set up right for streaming/download sales. I want to use links to specific songs for some internet airplay I’m getting right now. Can you educate me about this? Thanks, Sandy Rapp

    • iloveindie

      Hi Sandy,

      After uploading and being approved, you should get your song links via email. You can use these to bring people directly to your track to promote yourself.

      You can also search for your tracks and then share them with the share icon.

  2. I think it would be great if yall could add it where the artist or the band can see how many play each song has and the rating it’s getting. and to be able to add links to other site and leave updates the the fans about the music or whats going on with the band.

    • iloveindie

      Hey Tommy,

      Statistics are available in the My Account section. Go to your album and then go to the tracklist.

      We will also be emailing track statistics once a month starting in September, which will include any royalties earned. Add a link to your band’s page in Band Info in the My Account section.

      • iloveindie

        Inside the My Account section, go to My Band, then click on your album. Inside the album details you’ll see a link for “TRACKS (UPLOAD SONGS)”. Click that and you’ll see your tracklist.

        There will be an icon next to each track that look like this: Stats.

        Click the icon to see the stats for that track.

      • Tommy Carter

        I was wondering when you all will be sending out the emails this month about the active on my songs. and the link the girls was talking about to the songs would be great, since i have my songs on other sites to, so i could direct them here. since i cant get to the track plays and stuff through the way you have told me about.

  3. Hey Guys,
    This seems like a really cool site, and I love the format with the CD cover and player. One thing I would like to have the ability to do is actually see my music player when signed in and be able to play our tunes and be able to have links to share on fb and twitter and such. Editing content and test our newly up loaded song while signed in. By seeing our music and CD artwork will help the artist alot. Just a thought.


    • iloveindie

      I assume you mean your own uploaded playlist being visible, making it easier to toggle between then and directly edit them? Sounds like a good feature request – will add.

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