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What does it cost to use or join I Love Indie Internet Radio?

There is no charge to join the I Love Indie service – the only time you’ll pay for anything is if you wish to purchase a track to download to your device.

I see ratings and other buttons, but they’re disabled.

You must first create an account by joining I Love Indie so that we can store your settings. Once you’re logged in, the service will keep track of what you’ve listened to, and you’ll be able to rate and purchase music and create your own playlists. You’ll also be able to see a history of which tracks you have rated 4 or 5 hearts, and will get better track recommendations.

How do I use the playlists?

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to create your own playlists and add tracks to them. There are a couple ways to add a track to a playlist.

You can add the currently playing track by rating it 4 or 5 hearts – you’ll then get the option to add to a new or existing playlist.

Alternatively you can go to any of the playlists and long-click on a track. You’ll see an option to add to a playlist.

How do I reorder songs in my playlists?

Drag-n-drop – hold down over the track you would like to move, drag it to the new location and let go. It will drop that track to the new spot and reorder your playlist.

How do I select multiple genres of music for my stream?

You do this by first selecting all major genres first. For example, click on Rock, Metal, and Folk to highlight them red.

Next, go into each selected genre and choose the subgenres you want to include. The ones that are selected for playback are in red.

Can I loop or shuffle tracks?

Yes – use the loop icon to toggle between all the different modes:
1. Loop – will continuously play the same track over and over.
2. Shuffle – will play the music in the playlist in a random order.
3. 30-sec – will skip to a new song every 30 seconds unless you intervene.

How do I purchase music?

You can add any track to your cart once you’re logged in. Use the shopping cart icon to add the currently playing track into your cart. Alternatively you can go to your playlist and long-press on any track to get the option to purchase.

Go to View Cart to see what’s in your shopping cart. Each track costs $1 USD, but if you’re feeling generous towards a particular group, you’ll have the option of raising the price. Once you’re ready, hit the Purchase button.

What file format do I get when I purchase music?

You will be provided with a high-quality .M4A (AAC) file encoded at 320kbps. This is the same extension that Apple iTunesĀ® uses, and is compatible with almost all modern devices and computers.

How much does it cost to purchase music?

It costs $1 USD to purchase each track. If you’re feeling generous, you may raise the price so that the artists get more money.

Once I have purchased music, how do I download the file?

Purchased music will be available in your Purchased History playlist. Go to My Playlists and scroll to the 2nd playlist. You should see all of your paid-for tracks, and you can long-click on any track to get the option to download.

How come you don’t use MP3 files?

A license is needed for commercial (i.e., revenue-generating) use of mp3 in broadcast systems (terrestrial, satellite, cable and/or other distribution channels), streaming applications (via Internet, intranets and/or other networks), other content distribution systems (pay-audio or audio-on-demand applications and the like) or for use of mp3 on physical media (compact discs, digital versatile discs, semiconductor chips, hard drives, memory cards and the like).

This license is the primary reason why most radio services do not use MP3 technology. Secondarily, MP3 is an older format, and according to audio technicians does not produce as good of a sound at equivalent compression rates using the M4A (AAC) format.


Where did all my playlists and purchases go?

You might have been logged out automatically for a number of reasons (change of internet IP connection, browser update). Refresh your browser and log back in.

I’m suddenly having problems with the My Playlists and/or the My Account sections.

Please refresh your browser and log back into the service – this should clear up any glitches. You may have been logged out automatically.

I am having issues with my account and/or password.

Try logging in again, and if it fails, click the link: “I forgot my password”. You will receive an email from I Love Indie with a link to reset your password. You should receive the email within a couple minutes. If you still don’t see it, make sure you check your SPAM box.

I’m using a link to enter I Love Indie’s web site, but it’s not working properly.

You might be using Private Browsing mode in your browser, which prevents some links from passing the appropriate variables. Please disable Private Browsing or open a new window and disable it for that window before using the I Love Indie service.

Every time I refresh my browser I am logged out of the service.

You might be using Private Browsing mode in your browser, which prevents storing sessions or cookies long term. Please disable Private Browsing or open a new window and disable it for that window before using the I Love Indie service.

The site isn’t working properly and/or has graphical glitches.

An HTML5 / CSS3 compatible browser with full JavaScript capabilities is required to use I Love Indie’s service. Your browser might not be compatible. We recommend using:
1. Chrome (or Chromium)
2. Firefox
3. Internet Explorer 9+

Our service works with most Webkit-based browsers too (i.e. Safari, most phone/tablet browsers), and also works with the latest versions of Opera.
Opera Mobile is supported too, but Opera Mini does not work due to a lack of JavaScript features.
Internet Explorer 8 is the earliest version that still works with I Love Indie, although because it has to emulate playback using Flash, the site will perform slowly. If you’re using a Window XP machine, we recommend using Chrome instead.

If your browser is severely outdated, we recommend using the latest version.


  1. Hi,

    Great job with the website! I’ve uploaded my most recent album completely and it appears correctly in my account page. Still, when I posted alink on facebook and opened it, I can only see one song and it appears as “Track 1″, not even showing the name I had given it, or the 10 other tracks from the album. I’ve refreshed the page and have logged out/logged in too.


    • iloveindie

      Hi Pedro,

      I just checked all your links, but all looks good on our end. It’s possible that you might have tried to post the links immediately after creating the tracks, and even though you saved the tracks with the correct names, the server hadn’t gotten around to changing the links yet. (There’s a 5 to 10-minute delay)

      To correct the issue on your machine, go to your browser’s history and choose to clear out cached items / saved files. The links should be fine on Facebook now.

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