Musician’s FAQ

How much does it cost to submit my tracks?

For now the submission process is free. If we have abuse of the process in the future, we might have to reconsider this. There are no other fees for our artists.

How do I submit my music?

Submissions are done at
* Join as a regular user first, then go to the My Account section and choose MY BAND.
* After saving your new band info, create an album by tapping on the New image next to ALBUMS.
* Enter your album info, then select TRACKS (UPLOAD SONGS)

You’ll be asked to choose a file from your computer, and then you’ll enter information about your track.

What file formats do you accept for submissions?

We accept quite a few different formats – however, our preferred format is FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). You can use Audacity to produce FLAC files from your original WAV files.

If all you have are MP3 or M4A files and you do not have access to your originals, we’ll accept those too, although the sound quality will never be as good.

I want to get paid – what are your royalty rates?

There are two royalty rates that we pay.

1. Digital Download Purchases
This is the rate that you will get when a listener buys your track. The rate will be 80% of the purchase price. Tracks start at $1 USD, but the price can be raised by the listener if they’re feeling generous.

2. Streaming Performance
This is the rate that you get per track listen. The rate will be calculated based on 80% of the profit that we generate from advertisements and subscriptions. The amount per listen may actually change each month.

First, we pool together the money collected from ads and subscriptions. Then we deduct the cost of our hosting servers, and then the cost to use Paypal for the transactions to get the money from the source to your Paypal account (this should be a small percentage).

Second, we calculate the total listening time for all tracks for the month and compare it to your individual track’s total listening time. If your track received 0.01% of the total air time, that will be your cut.

Your cut is 80%, ours is 20%. The 20% will help us continue to operate, maintain, develop, and market the service.

When do I get paid royalties due?

For both your streaming performance share and your track purchase royalties, you will be paid monthly. We will need a month to ensure that all sales are final and to ensure the royalty calculations are correct before paying out to all of our artists.

How is the amount of air time per track determined?

While we do not wish to give away too much information to prevent “gaming the system”, air time will be mostly determined by public response to your music. If it’s good and listeners think so, the track will reach more listeners.

Is there a quality assurance on uploaded tracks?

There will be a couple initial rounds of QA before a track reaches the entire audience.

Round 1 is internally making sure that the track passes a set of standards. For example, the track must be listenable, have a high recording quality, must begin and end with music (i.e. no talking), and cannot have promo material embedded.

Round 2 is exposure to a subset of the listeners. Here the track will begin to be rated, shared, etc. by this smaller group. If your track has poor public response here, your track will be cut from the stream.

After these two QA rounds, the track will be aired to the general public and given more air time as the response remains positive.

I need some advice about my band or group. Can you help?

Funny you should mention that – we’re starting an I Love Indie Blog that addresses all the different aspects of being an independent musician.
(There will be more articles written in the coming months.)


After uploading my track, I received an email saying “Track 1 is now available”.

You need to fill out the information about your track, including name, songwriter, and some other fields. Go back to My Account, find the track in your album and change the name.


    • iloveindie

      Hi Carlos,

      Log into your account at and go to My Account. Go to My Band, click on your album, then go to the Tracklist. You’ll see all the tracks you’ve uploaded for the album, and each one has a share button next to it.

      Hope this helps,

      Jen Adams

    • iloveindie

      Hi Tommy,

      Yes – you can specify one link to your band’s profile – so you can choose whatever web page you’d like to use. This is done in the Band Info section in My Account.

  1. Hello,

    I appreciate, and, I hope, for your sake and mine, that it is a true success.

    I would like to purchase the music that I uploaded onto your website. And, I’d like my friends on FaceBook to support my music. How do I link them to my music?


    Shauna E

    • iloveindie

      Hi Shauna,

      You should have received your song links through email after uploading your music. You can send these to your fans. If you didn’t receive these for some reason, you might want to check your SPAM box.

      I found one of your tracks:

      You can use the link above to promote your music. However, it looks like the track details weren’t filled out, and it just says Track 1 and Album 1. You might want to log back in and edit the details of your album and track.

    • iloveindie

      To answer your question about the purchasing – once you go to that link to play your song, you can just use the cart icon to add that track to your cart. Then go to View Cart and hit the Purchase button.

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